Paul Cullen

Provisional Arrangements

Aluminium chair, concrete and steel.
1100mm x 2000mm x 1800mm

'Provisional Arrangements', or Pataphysics.

Expressing his interest in process, methodologies and in things that are temporary constructions or arrangements of materials and objects. Falsework is a term referring to scaffold-like structural deployment in the process of building.
"In Cullen's practice, Provisional Arrangements are (mostly) temporary installations at different sites premised on the belief that art acts as an investigative and experimental form of enquiry addressing and reinterpreting what is explained through scientific means. Gravity, a fundamental concern for sculpture, is a recurrent factor in the Provisonal Arrangements projects.

Newtonian physics discovered much about the way gravity functions, enabling accurate predictions about the movements of tides, planets , moons, comets, etc. The mechanism of gravity however remained unexplained: a mysterious force acting at a distance in an a priori infinite space. In the context of Einstein's theory of relativity gravity is not a force but rather a curvature of space-time producd by the mass of objects. Space-time arises from things, it isn't an a priori and the flow of time and the metric of space differ between regions." 
*Pataphysics, the science of imaginary solutions. 


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