BORN: Matamata, 1976 

LIVES: Auckland


2015 Introduction to conversational Māori AUT University
2009 PGDipFA at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, NZ
2001 Goethe Scholarship Berlin
1998 Bachelor of Fine Arts, at Elam, University of Auckland, NZ

2014 + Hauora garden
2011 Tane Mahuta Bledesloe Walkway
2010 Peace Love and Happiness Viewfinder
2009 Honesty Window Gallery
2009 Free-dom Fruit Gardens, High Street Project Christchurch
2008 Starving Artists Fund Fair Artspace Auckland
2007 Starving Artists Fund Fair Artspace Auckland
2006 Come Fly With Me Miniature hot air balloon and setting.
2005 Starving Artists Fund Charitable Art Auction Performance.
2005 Push-Me-Pull-You joint show.
2004 Untitled publicly installed miniature model scene
2004 Untitled performance and Artbox installation in manners mall.
2004 FoxRox-Heroism Begins At Home paintings
2002 The Fox That Rox Animated music video
2000 S.P.C.F. (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Foxes).

Sourced from my own experiences, I find things in my immediate world that I would like to be
different; I then make artworks that illustrate an example of those alternative ideals. The Starving
Artists Fund is a paradigm of how I want the art world to work. Freedom Fruit Gardens came about
from the difficulties I have faced in the effort to feed my own family on a tight budget.
Each of my projects is stimulated by and initiated from my personal life and philosophy. The physical
manifestation of these ideas however takes on a life of their own, becoming broader and nationally

or internationally poignant. Through my projects I endeavor to create a discourse around socio-
political systems that I feel need further critique.

My work aims to simplify a complex world, looking at values and what is really important. By
discovering a real need and finding a real and logical solution, my projects exemplify paring things
back to a basic and fundamental transaction.