AD Schierning
Whakamaumaharatanga | Memorial
Bronze and Macrocarpa
H.900mm X D.250mm - 300mm
$1,950 each, 5 works, each is an edition 1 of 3
Proudly presented in partnership with Sanderson Gallery

Aotearoa has a surprisingly large number of endangered plants, eco systems in danger of being lost forever. A symptom of a neo-liberal era where waste is created without consideration and the desire to maximise profit from consumer goods sees habitats in other lands destroyed. 
For the good of the economy and the detriment of the ecology there seems to be no course of change for the path of destruction humanity is following.

These five works address this disregard for the danger of our actions by highlighting what has already been lost. Sited along the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail where ecologies are alive and well, where plants are revered and the history of place is considered. This new series of works continue to pay homage to native plants of the region that are now extinct.With guidance from Rebecca Stanley (Auckland Botanical Gardens - Endangered Natives expert) Schierning has selected a group of five extinct native plants that would have grown in the region around Brick Bay.

Schierning has hand drawn / sketched each plant and created a hand written text with Maori / Latin / Common names for the plant, a basic description and the year it was defined as extinct. The sculptures play upon references to headstones and memorials and by using both native timber and bronze the materials portray both the natural and constructed worlds.
This is the frst time AD has exhibited at Brick Bay Sculpture Trail and we are delighted with the series of works she has created for this sublime installation.