Work: Disks
Year: 2008
Construction: Steel, Aluminium, Electro components and Solar panels
Size: 1015mm x 500mm x 500mm


If you catch Aiko Groot’s sculpture at the right moment the discs are stacked into a neat cylindrical form. Then suddenly this seemingly immobile stack of featureless metal discs will start to rotate apart on an eccentric axis. Disks is a complex structure with a span of over 6 metres.

The discs respond individually and collectively to three distinct sources of energy. The primary source is the sun. Each disc has an integrated solar panel which powers a hidden motor. Thus the speed of these motorized discs is directly proportional to the amount of solar energy received. This energy is in constant flux because the strength of the sunlight varies and the discs in their endless rotations occlude each other.

The second source of power to the sculpture is the wind. A magnetic clutch allows the discs to spin independently of the motor on days that the wind is a stronger force than the sun. In extreme weather conditions the magnetic clutch mechanisms de-couple the motor from the sculpture and the forms move into a ‘resting’ position, a ‘reefed’ position, which minimizes forces on the structure.

The third force is the discs’ actions upon themselves. Periodically the work re-forms into a complete cylinder. This reinforces the profound change between rigid form and complex organic behaviour. Aiko Groot’s intention is to encourage a multitude of interpretations.


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