Artist: Anna Korver

Work: Red Dress
Year: 2016
Construction: Corten Steel, lacquer
Size: H2800mm X D1000mm X W1000

Anna Korver's works are feminine in their identity and perspective, the fundamental concepts and feeling of the works inviting intimacy and personal connection. The forms which are often abstracted and minimalist strive to project the inner self thru the outer form. Though they are driven by experiences and concepts that question and challenge traditional feminine roles, Korver's figurative works also strive to find the balance of masculine and feminine within the form.

The cubist style of the red figure is painted meticulously with a high gloss automotive paint, pristine and highly reflective. This is the antithesis of the corten steel stairs which the figure perches on. The stairs which act as a plinth are a matt oxidised earthy brown patina, which compliments the and counterbalances the figure above which reflects the sky and earth in its multi faceted surfaces.

Korver has been working nationally and internationally since receiving her BFA in sculpture from the University of Canterbury in 2013.
This is the first time Korver has exhibited at Brick Bay, and the work has been installed pride of place in the main entrance way to the Glasshouse.