Work: Aphasia
Year: 2010
Construction: Anodised Aluminium
Size: 2600mm x 2400mm x 2400mm


Language is reordered to make for new possibilities. 'Aphasia' offers information in an abstract manner, embellished and elaborated upon by whoever is looking at it. There is no right or wrong meaning.

Parsons employs a range of media in his practice - industrial materials, ready made objects and photography. Scale is exaggerated, surfaces are highly polished sometimes to the point of distraction, and the way an object occupies a space is carefully considered. The emptiness or unoccupied space around his work of art is just as important as the work itself, for viewers to become participants, interacting with the installation, navigating and negotiating their way around.

All of these techniques result in an open experience, questions rise and answers fall. Likened to the silence between musical tracks on an album, Parsons' creates a 'visual pause for thought' in his work.


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