Artist: Anton Parsons

Work: Profane
Year: 2017
Construction: Steel, zinc, cast iron, polyurethane.
Size: H1200mm X W1000mm X D1100mm

Anton Parsons was born and raised in Palmerston North and currently lives in Auckland. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture, from Canterbury University School of Fine Arts, Christchurch in 1990.
In this hexagonal work titled 'Profane', the length of the cast iron rods are seemingly random and could portray anything from secret codes to mathematical formulae. Parsons does not wish to dictate to the viewer what a work of art means, instead he takes an approach of secrecy and allows his audience to freely interpret it for themselves. 

He says, "It's a popular mythology that the artist is a bit of a fascist, that he knows what is right for others and his art is the only true take. I much prefer that people approach my art with a sense of curiosity and fill in the gaps themselves." This strategy results in an open experience, questions are raised and answers are unattainable.

The artist compares the space within the centre of 'Profane' to the breaks between tracks of music replayed on audio equipment, or the silence inbetween notes in a song. For example the space and silence between a chord or drumbeat is as important as the sound itself. Parson refers to this as a visual pause for thought.

Parsons employs a range of media in his ouevre, industrial materials, readymades objects and photogrpahs.
Parsons is well known and respected for his large scale public and corporate installations. One of his most famous is titled 'Gone Fishing', 2002. Located on the first floor concourse of the Price Waterhouse Coopers tower. It is on a monumental scale which creates an entire 'curtain wall sculpture' that spans over forty metres in length, engulfing the viewers peripheral vision.


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