The Opportunity

Brick Bay Sculpture Trust invites emerging architects to submit concepts for the 2019 Brick Bay folly - a design-build competition that investigates the intersection between sculpture and architecture with temporary structures that intentionally serve no utilitarian purpose.

Architectural follies are found all over the world, and their purpose is to inspire and delight audiences, but even more importantly folly projects provide a fantastic opportunity for emerging architects to test their ideas on a real life project, manage a construction team, solve contingencies and participate in physical construction.

The process is as important as the result, with the winning submission receiving a grant and technical assistance, and once complete, exposure that might not otherwise have been available to them.


Award and Exhibition

One conceptual project will be selected as the paramount winner.

The successful recipient will receive a grant, as well as in-kind sponsorship, to the overall value of $30,000 towards realising the proposed project.

In addition to this technical support will be available throughout the project by Resene and Unitec.

The finished project will be installed and exhibited on the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail beginning early June 2019 for a period of no less than 6 months and up to 24 months. The project will be documented by one of New Zealand’s leading architectural photographers, Samuel Hartnett.

An article promoting the Brick Bay Folly will be published in ArchitectureNow, Architecture New Zealand and Urbis. The winning team will also be invited to participate in the prestigious Urbis Design Day HQ event.


Eligibility criteria

The intention of the folly competition is to create opportunities for emerging architects.

The Brick Bay Folly 2019 is open to:

  • Recent architectural graduates (graduated within the last 10 years at 1 February 2019)

  • Students currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral level architectural programme at a New Zealand tertiary institution (including international students who are currently enrolled in a New Zealand institution)


Submission Guidelines

The Brick Bay Folly 2019 selection process is competitive. A jury of architects, artists, academics, arts administrators, building and paint experts, engineers and previous folly winners will select one exceptional project to be realised within the grounds of Brick Bay Sculpture Trail.

The designated site for the selected folly is adjacent to Brick Bay’s Glass House restaurant, on the far side of a large pond. The site is where the third folly winner, ‘Jonah’ is currently located. The site is a relatively flat to gently sloping site and the proposal must take into account the contour. Please refer to site survey information (PDF 213 KB ).

It is strongly recommended that you come and visit Brick Bay to view the site.

  • Applicants must take into account the public outdoor environment and be aware that the winning installation must meet safety requirements and be able to withstand weather and public interaction for the specified exhibition period.

  • Conceptually, and in regard to fabrication, the folly must have an emphasis on sustainability

  • Because Resene is a principal sponsor of this project, the folly must use of colours from a Resene standard colour reference chart. Creative use of colour will be part of the judging criteria. Colours used must be standard Resene colours on a current Resene colour chart. Paint and or coatings must only be a Resene product

  • It’s highly recommended that construction takes place off site before being transported to Brick Bay for installation

  • Please download the Submission Guidelines for easy reference



The Brick Bay Folly 2019 is made possible through the generous support of its sponsors who must be reasonably recognised in all marketing and media material that arises from the project.



Brick Bay Sculpture Trust will take and maintain ownership of the folly on completion and will be responsible for de-installation and removal. Brick Bay Sculpture Trust also reserve the right to sell the work.


How to Submit a Proposal

Proposals must include the following components, which must be formatted as instructed below and emailed to

1. Cover Sheet

Applicant/s must include a separate cover sheet with name, mailing address, telephone number, email, project title. If you are applying as a team, please include the names and emails for each team member and identify one team member as the Lead Contact. You can make a copy of our Google Docs Cover Sheet or create your own.

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) for Each Applicant

The CV of each participant should include information about education, work and teaching experience, awards and other relevant information.

3. Project Proposal

Applicants must submit a project proposal of up to 1,000 words that clearly describes the project and its relationship to the theme of the architectural folly.

IMPORTANT: do not include the names of team members or anything else that might identify the source of your Project Proposal, as selection is made through a blind judging process, therefore applicants need to remain anonymous.

Applicants are encouraged to submit:

  • Renderings and sketches of the proposed project

  • Plans for the reuse, recycling, dispersal of all material used in the project

  • How Resene colour/s will be used in some aspect or all of the build project.

4. Budget

A detailed budget must be included that identifies all costs including materials and labour.

5. Detailed Description of Manufacturing and Installation

A detailed description of the methodology for prefabrication, transportation and onsite erection and construction and must be included. Please note that the winning team needs to be onsite to supervise any work undertaken, including that of contractors, tradespeople and family.


Application Format

The application package should be emailed to in PDF format of not more than 15 pages and 15MB. You can submit the Cover Sheet and Proposal as separate files or combined as one (remembering that the Proposal must be anonymous).

Please put the Brick Bay Folly 2019 Submission in the subject line of the email.



Submission deadline: Midnight, 1 February 2019

Finalists will be announced by Architecture NZ magazine (distributed 11 March), and after than online by ArchitectureNOW and Brick Bay.



Applicants may email questions to Brick Bay Art Manager Sheridan Dickson or call Sheridan on 021 93 44 33.



Brick Bay Folly 2019: Submission Guidelines (PDF 642KB)

Cover Sheet (Google Docs - make a copy if you’d like an editable version)

Site Survey (PDF 213 KB)

Brick Bay Sculpture Trail