Work: Wish Twig Stack
Year: 2013
Construction: Vine pruning's, Recycled saris, Bells and Gold foil survival blankets


Honouring the earth and our presence on it, Brydee Rood recycles and reinvigorates both local and imported materials in this work, weaving in wishes for a more sustainable planet. The artist has collected vine pruning waste from Brick Bay vineyard, recycled saris from India and bells from around the world. Gold foil survival blankets sparkle in the sunlight.

Rood describes it as "almost like a burial stack, haystack, funeral pyre, a votive and wishful offering of what was once alive. Wood is mixed with metallic, gesture with aesthetic, the shiny golden foil qualities mingling with neutral matt tones folded into a cycle, which addresses both the agricultural and natural landscape of Brick Bay.

The work embraces our sentient connection to the land and questions

our current culture of consumption and waste, seeking to renew our relationship with and experience of the environment through alternative methodologies, rituals and process."

Visitors are invited to ring the bells suspended from the sculpture, creating their own wishes.


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