Work: Dream Vortex
Year: 2007
Construction: Mild Steel
Size: 1100 x 1100mm and 2300mm x 1000mm


The philosophy behind Caroline Robinson’s works is one of weaving wholeness. It is about rituals, stories and symbols which remind us of our affinity with each other and with the earth.

The work at Brick Bay, Dream Vortex, is the first of a series of small scale steel works that Robinson is newly embarking on. In form they are similar to the larger public works for which she is most well known. Many of these public works have been built within urban infrastructure and landscape architecture contexts, and created in collaborative working environments that involve an art/design mix. The Brick Bay works are more personal. They have evolved out of the small wire structures that Robinson has always done as preparatory explorations of ideas and forms. She calls it ‘thinking with my hands.’

Characteristically Caroline Robinson’s works involve a narrative around a sense of place, and seek to be in harmony with their site. Often they encourage a deepening relationship with the land and the stories of our cultures embedded in it, evoking spiritual and emotional ties with the land. Robinson’s work for Brick Bay is informed by these concepts in their suggestion as vessels of abundant life and ecological awareness.

Works such as these happen quietly in Caroline Robinson’s hands, as a tranquil, intuitive process. They were created to embody and rest within the forest at Brick Bay, an indigenous environment, the like of which has been a lifelong source of energy for Caroline Robinson. Dream Vortex is placed near a simple track in a peaceful, uncluttered, gentle landscape in contrast to the urban surroundings Robinson has more recently worked in.