Work: Counterbalancing Entropy
Year: 2016
Construction: Polypropylene
Size: H 2500mm x  W 1300mm  x  D 700mm
$18,000 Unique

Work: Liquid Symmetry
Year: 2016
Construction: Polypropylene
Size: D 1300mm
$12,000 Unique


Counterbalancing Entropy

“ While the Universe is expanding at an ever-increasing rate and billions of galaxies are driven apart to their cosmological entropy, on this tiny and peripheral planet Evolution is tenaciously committed to the structure of life.”

Counterbalancing Entropy is a suspended structure made of 34 identical components interconnected to define an organic geometry, reminiscent of a biological structure.

Liquid Symmetry is dedicated to celestial orbits as expressions of the cosmic intelligence that permeates space-time.

Liquid Symmetry is a suspended structure containing an internal molecular forms, both generated by the same replicated component. The configuration is pivoted on a ternary symmetry that conveys a mathematical yet fluid quality to its presence.

The two sculptures currently on the Brick Bay Trail, suspended amidst the nikau forest, are part of an extensive project called Coherent Permutations focusing on the evolution of a single form into a system of interrelated configurations.

Each configuration is generated by a single component replicated a number of times and arranged according to numerical sequencing and organizing principles. The appearance of the configurations can range from highly symmetric to biomorphic and free-form features. The production of diversifications and increased complexity is potentially unlimited.

Overall the project reflects on how complexity can arise from simplicity, how diversity evolves from singularity and how small modifications can create evolutionary adaptations.


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