Work: Seated Figure
Year: 2017
Construction: Bronze with hand Patina finish
Size: H.900mm X W.900mm X D.900mm.


Brick Bay Sculpture Trust is very proud to exhibit Dan Arp's first bronze sculpture.  Collective ideologies, education systems, cult groups and extremes of belief have played a critical role in Dan Arp's practice, which responds to consumer capitalism, dated design and the detritus of everyday vernacular life.

Dan Arps has been described as "Part scavenger and part hobbyist constructor" and his work as "sprawling installations which colonise space, crawling up walls, hanging off windows and ceilings, and spilling out doors".

Arps says he likes to use things that are "ready to hand", vernacular everyday objects, things that anybody could have access to.

'Seated Figure' is the antithesis of throwaway detritus, as it is made of bronze and built to last in an outdoor environment. Bronze carries with it the art historical weight of traditional sculpture which spans back thousands of years. Arps however irreverantly turns this upside down by three dimensionally scanning and upscaling a naively folk-like small clay handmade figurative model and recreating it in one of mankinds oldest and respected materials.

This new seminal work by Arps sits zen-like by a pond of Lotus flowers...pondering its own existential being. This sculpture is the first bronze Arps has ever created in a long and successful cutting edge career. It is only his second outdoor work, the first being a collaborative work with Fiona Connor for SCAPE, Christchurch. Brick Bay Sculpture Trust is proud to support the creation of this project in association with Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland.