Work: Crossing
Year: 2008
Construction: Sheet plastic


If you think sculpture is all about bronze figures on stone plinths, artist Gaye Jurisich wants you to think again. Her Crossing at Brick Bay is a 300 metre long black and white plastic ‘road’. This ‘road’ snakes its way over farmland, under a lake, and disappears into a vineyard. Is this the longest zebra crossing in the world?

Gaye Jurisich has utilised large strips of black and white plastic to create this illusion of a giant pedestrian crossing. It’s undoubtedly visible from space and impossible to avoid from the ground; this is Jurisich’s intention. She wants people to stop in their tracks, to reconsider the landscape and the environment, to think about space, place and land use. Intervention or intrusion are both terms that help define her practice: scale and human significance are also descriptors. Crossing is about memory and interpretation. It encourages the viewer