Gregor Kregar

A Sound of Thunder
Stainless steel and automotive paint
H 1800mm x W 1600MM x D 1700mm
Proudly presented in association with Gow Langsford Gallery

Gregor Kregar creates both figurative and abstract sculpture using a broad range of media. He comments on people and nature in his work, literally and symbolically reflecting the world around us. Consistent throughout his practice is the repetition of elements - one builds upon the other to form a whole, often conveying a sense of the uncanny.

In ‘A Sound Of Thunder -Yellow’ the formalist elements of the geometric prism is juxtaposed with the playful and lo fi domestic childs pool toy Dinosaur. Kregar elevates the insignificant object to a new height, by playing with our everyday expectations, and placing Brachiosaurus upon the yellow rock plinth. He employs industrial materials such as stainless steel and automotive paint to give the finish that brilliant glow.


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