Gregor Kregar

Monument Cow
L 1000mm X H 750mm X W 450mm
$22,000 Unique
Proudly presented in association with Gow Langsford Gallery

Gregor Kregar relishes the chance to create trouble in his art. He questions and subverts familiar objects and enduring meanings with his innovative sculptural reinventions; be they piggy banks, garden gnomes or a child’s toy. With Monument - Cow, Kregar takes an iconic seventies rubber toy and subverts it into the high realm of modernist sculpture. His art stirs together irreverence, the mundane and intellectual loftiness, utilising the tensions that result from two very different modes of thinking colliding.

Kregar’s work strips away ingrained habitual knowledge, something we may struggle with at first. His elevation of what we see as an entirely ‘insignificant’ object issues a refreshing and challenging take on audiences' preconceptions of what constitutes 'good' and 'successful' art. Channelling Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso's bronze bulls and minotaurs of the thirties, he mimics the comical blow-up plaything and creates a contemporary biomorphic object, transforming it in to its antithesis. It is simply a caricature of it’s original. As Kregar himself states: “Quite often what people respond to and what so-called art experts respond to is different, but in [my] work I manage to push buttons for both audiences. I think it’s really good to see that contemporary art can do that. I enjoy it when works are successful on different levels.”


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