Gregor Kregar

Reflective Habitat
Marine grade stainless steel
H 3100mm X W 3000MM x D 2800mm
$85,000 Unique
Proudly presented in association with Gow Langsford Gallery

Gregor Kregar creates both figurative and abstract sculpture using a broad range of media. He comments on people and nature in his work, literally and symbolically reflecting the world around us. Consistent throughout his practice is the repetition of elements - one builds upon the other to form a whole, often conveying a sense of the uncanny.

The stainless steel ‘Reflective Habitat’ reflects nature in multiple ways. While mirroring its surroundings and forming a reflection upon the water's surface, formally it resembles a crystalline or plant-like growth. Kregar is interested in geometric mathematical structures, their combinations and multiplications found in nature. Here, he enlarges these microscopic structures, visualising a hidden world.


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