Work: Plank
Year: 2016
Construction: Kauri, stainless steel, aluminium, acrylic and velcro
Size: L 500mm X H 140mm
$900 each, 20 variations available 


Cheesman has created twenty individual sign works and installed them on the trunks of numerous majestic Kauri. Each work is made up of text on one side and a hand painted colour field painting on the reverse side. The text is defined by a series of countersunk drilled circles and individually painted with white acrylic. The Kauri signs have been lightly oiled and the wood has been sourced from the leftovers of the Auckland City Art Gallery main entrance way renovations. The colours employed by the artist are taken from memories of his childhood home.

Walls, floors and ceilings
Always a box into which
We bring smaller things
Intricacies of drawers and mantles

Home as soft prisons
Where art is contained and zen exists
Where our chopping boards are from exotic places
Where ornate architraves frame everything

Here beneath these trees
Stand and feel
Stand still and forget the confidence
Forget your walls, floors and other wooden things
Here learn the sense of all senses
The quiet humiliation of being mere.

Iain Cheesman
March 2016