Work: Dog Head Hill
Year: 2010
Construction: Black granite, stainless steel.
Size: H.1200mm X 930mm X 930mm


'Dog Head Hill' explores containing and honouring nature. Made from Shanxi black granite, undulating landscape forms frame and divide the natural environment it rests within through a multidimensional cross. The work is reminiscent of a cracked boulder, marked by rippled, mountainous forms.

Purvis is known for her elegant sculpture. Dog Head Hill sits as a sort of discerning meditation of worship, the play on negative space within the breaks of the work forming a perfect three- dimensional cross. Her sculpture, often based around land forms and location based features, is usually site specific. Dog Head Hill visualises a flow on it’s surface that appears smooth and infinite - the ease of the forms belie their actual making.

Inherent to Purvis’ work is the notion of process - the process of creation, of worship, of the natural processes that result in repetitive form, affecting environment change. Purvis, the ambitious artist she is - with the technical expertise and dedication to match - produces incredibly involuted works that push the capabilities of her material. The substantiality of Dog Head Hill becomes its defining feature; the physicality of the work’s presence as important as its materiality. Her large scale sculptures pit the weight and spectre of the chosen materials against the energy she brings to the work; the physical process of her creation, with the labour of the artist becoming part of the work itself.