Marine grade stainless steel Stitch welded 2mm Marine Grade 316 stainless steel. Hand shaped and finished
960L x 1230W x 330H (mm). Plinth is made from three solid macrocarpa blocks, 300 x 900mm each.


Rustler as a name is from the term of rustling cattle. This is historically fitting because Brick Bay once had cattle grazing on the land. The cattle roamed in this area at the edge of where the vineyards now are. The cow skull is a reminder of what has been, now fallen underneath the mighty Totara tree.  

Auckland based, Luke King’s day job is a technician making work for another artist, when he gets time to make his own art, it is kind of a side job or side hustle, the title Rustler is also a bit of an in joke with himself. His art practice involves fine cut metals and woodwork.