Mary Louise Browne

BORN: 1957

LIVES: Auckland 

Mary Louise Browne conducts insightful explorations of the metaphorical, visual and material qualities of language in her work. The amalgamation of high art and sign making has provided a means for Browne to make complex statements in a very concise and considered manner; utilizing the inherent layers of meaning in language and form. Her unique ability to infuse mottoes, maxims, quotes and lyrics with fresh significance by placing them within an artistic context and giving them physical form allows her to make latent social and political commentary. These inherently subjective observations underpin much of her work, allowing the viewer to consider the wider associations implicit in the meticulously crafted, yet deceptively simple words presented to them.

Browne graduated with First Class Honours from the Elam School of Fine Arts, completing her MFA in 1982. Since then, she has exhibited widely in New Zealand and internationally, gaining the hard-earned respect of her peers. She is well known for her public commissions, including the award-winning Byword, several more installations in Auckland’s CBD and Wellington. Her work is featured in a number of important public and private collections.