Work: Hoop
Year: 2013
Construction: Carbon Fibre, epoxy, metals, precision bearings
Size: 5950mm x 2000mm x 2000mm


Vibrant yellow, the circular form of 'Hoop' dances with the slightest touch of wind. It's gentle sweeping movement is captivating; rising and falling, moving away from the bladed works we see in New Angel. Acting as a frame through which we can see the sun, the sky and the land the work is poised on, Hoop also recalls a larger-than-life abstracted flower, its organic shape reimagining the rhythms of natural landscape. Large forms such as this work are further left amenable to the elegant or violent movements encouraged by the wind. Wherever they are placed, Price’s sculptures inhabit eye-catching positions in their environment; their ability to capture and hold your attention with their revolving movement is inevitable.

The sinuous nature of Hoop is a result of his technical, design making process, in which moulds and highly engineered sketches are envisioned to create a feeling of continuous joints, a flow to the linearity of the piece. His natural fascination for his technical practice, an intuitive understanding of the interactions of material and engineering feats result in an impressionable, powerful moving sculpture. The futuristic form and child-like candy colours of the sculpture work together with the dignified geometric dance of his kinetic practice. Price’s works can be found across the globe, in hostile coastal environments to the middle of the urban city- designed to endure even the most extreme natural unfoldings of weather and temperature.


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