Work: New Angel
Year: 2015
Construction: Carbon fibre, stainless steel
Size: 4500mm X 2000mm x 400mm


Sublimely balanced and poised, New Angel by Phil Price takes flight. The elongated blade work instantly recalls wings - be it the New Zealand vernacular of bird life, or angel wings. Price is renowned for his enchanting kinetic sculpture in which his work has the ability to draw itself towards the breeze, and also be pushed away. Action and dynamism are inherent. The shadow created by the impressive, large scale work is integral - like a dove, or an angel form, twisting and turning with the caress of a breeze. The blades also recall that of a propellor - as if the work could take flight at any moment, with enough of a gust.

Price often refers to his workplace as a design studio in a sense; conceptualising the work and grappling with form and kinetics through digital drawings. He uses media technologies to aid with the mechanical and technical negotiations of space for what are groundbreaking, powerful portraits of motion and evolution. Price’s ease in achieving form and kinetic functionality through carbon fibre composite methods of construction is unparalleled, moving from the static to the mesmerising movement we see in New Angel. The work transforms from the artist’s intimate sketches, through his computer animated technical process, to a fully realised sculpture.


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