Ray Haydon

Aluminium, automotive paint, basalt
H.2200mm x W.900mm x D.800mm
Proudly presented in association with Sanderson Gallery

Ray Haydon's art articulates infinite lines in motion. Revolution elegantly balances a biomorphic swirling head on a subtle curved vertical column, which enables the whole sculpture to complete full 360 degree revolutions, harnessing the subtle movements of the wind. Picture a child swirling a ribbon behind them or a rhythmic gymnast with their trailing baton - Haydon creates this continuous expression of line and lyricism with materials that are innately durable, nothing like a soft piece of silk. His refined artwork Revolution belies the exactitude of its making, sitting atop its plinth as if frozen in a swirl of movement.

“I started out as a jeweller, so I have always made beautiful things,” Haydon has said. (1) His methods in creating Revolution are borrowed from a plethora of different industries, be it boat building, jewellery or fine furniture making. His meticulous and dedicated approach to his artwork fabrication - the engineering required - stands in contrast to the intuitive flow of his visual forms, line drawings in the air. Time is not invested in planning and sketching works, rather in the practicalities of building them; arranging, dismantling, trialing and testing. His constant inquiry in to dissolving the gap between technical processes and fine art means his methods in creating his works are incredibly unique to him. Calling himself a ‘mad inventor’, his artwork challenges us with its unwavering simplicity and technical expertise.


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