Sharonagh Montrose 

Sharonagh Montrose created her first outdoor and under-earth electronic outdoor sonic composition in 2005, one of the first in New Zealand to use the earth as a means to transmit sound waves through a natural environment, using on site recordings to meld with and disrupt the natural sounds of the space: a stop and stare!

Her practice embodies a concept of Wonder and an invitation to expand the language of the mindscape beyond the quotidian of things that clutter ideas into needs and narcissism

Montrose uses sound as a brushstroke on the landscape, a painterly, sonic  device to evoke and question the sculptural space.

The physicality of sound is the medium for her work as means for thought to new seeing. It is sited beyond words and resides in experience.

Her PHD thesis  questioned the impact of digital to visual relationships in a coined name, Binary Psychosis,, created by Montrose in 2007, for the purpose of querying social-mediated engineering and the possible impact on seeing beyond the frame/ These thoughts are embedded in her practice.

Her art wonders constantly the non sequitur.