Stephen Woodward

Sculptor Stephen Woodwards practice is primarily interested in the political. “I present landscape and landforms as images to critique human nature; our need to overlay everything with notions of identity, or productivity or settlement. The consequences are environmental and these consequences issue from nationalism, greed, ignorance and also sometimes from culture or love.” explains the artist.  Working with an eclectic range of media ranging from ceramics, bronze, stone and volcanic basalt, Woodward’s sculptures are subtly integrated into, rather than being starkly imposed onto, the landscape.

Born in Quebec, Canada. He began marble carving in Italy by working alongside artisans tasked to scale up sculptures for artists including César Baldaccini, Barry Flanagan, Helaine Blumenfeld and Michelangelo Pistoletto. He moved to New Zealand in 1984 and since then has produced numerous public stone sculpture commissions in China and New Zealand.