Work: Table Mise
Year: 2016
Construction: Italian Marble
Size: W.1150mm X L.2010mm X H.630mm


Stephen Woodward's sculptural practice is primarily involved in the political.

Table Mise crosses over between the figurative and quasi-recognisable forms into the surrealist abstract structures of the unconscious.

Buildings and domestic furniture are turned upside down, figures float effortlessly, levitating across the marble plateau. Hard edged structures contrast with organic forms and highly polished smooth marble co-exists with highly hand worked vertical maquettes. Woodward works in a psychic automatistic state, pulling images from his subconscious and life experiences.

Table Mise consists of over 831 kilograms of the finest Italian marble and was carved over a period of twelve months.

"I present landscape and landforms as images to critique human nature; our need to overlay everything with notions of identity, productivity, or settlement. The consequences are environmental and these consequences issue from nationalism, greed, ignorance and also sometimes culture and love."