Work: Nothing Is More Powerful Than Journey
Year: 2016
Construction: Digital Sound File
Size: Dimensions variable
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Ivan Mrsic crosses over many disciplines, building his practice on notions of the avante-garde transforming them into contemporary dialogue. He has a fascination and annoyance with modern day consumerism, waste and excessive energy consumption.

Part of his aural experimentation practice explores the sonic potential of everyday objects. These become vehicles for composition, improvisation and experimentation in performance and sound, while his video installations in darkened venues , transform the viewers’ perception of process and materials that he has manipulated. He references today's consumerism as a society of deception and exploitation.

This sound work is installed deep in the Kahikitea forest, playing on a state of the art quadrophonic sound system. The aural zen-like experience changes depending on climatic conditions as the sound waves are pushed around the trees and across the forest floor. The work is complemented by the sounds of water, wind and rain.