Rohan Wealleans

The Psychosis Chamber of the Oracle
2012 - 2019
Polystyrene, wood, fibreglass, found object, sheepskin, crystals, paint.
2100 x 1250 x 2350mm approx

Repurposed from a found object, a giant hollowed disembodied Kevin Smith head from the television show Xena: Warrior Princess. Rohan Wealleans has repainted the skin a silvery blue tone and the golden hair like a giant walnut. The door is hexagon shaped and has a crystal glass peep hole. By recontextualising the found object Wealleans gives it a new life as The Psychosis Chamber of The Oracle.

Known mostly as a painter, Rohan Wealleans celebrated technique of building up the surface of the paint creating stalactites or little pyramids and volcanoes of paint, then carving into the paint, is seen here creating a grotto inside the head. Psychosis Chamber of the Oracle is the largest work the artist has ever made.

This is an interactive work evoking fantasy and science-fiction. We invite you to enter through the porthole door and hang out with ‘The Oracle’. She lives inside, without eyes and a white scalloped painted face, holding a blue fortune ball. If you ask her a question, she will answer you. Crystals light the ceiling and sheepskin rugs lining the floor create a sense of comfort and lounging.